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  • IconDOS v1.5

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  • IconDOS v1.5
    EFD Systems
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    IconDOS is a graphical application launcher for DOS that is similiar to
    Window's Program Manager, complete with icons and wallpaper.  IconDOS is
    practical and efficient.  Zero (0) resident memory is required so
    launched applications are guaranteed to work the same as if run directly
    from DOS.  Multi-page icon menus and sub-menus provide virtually
    unlimited menu size.  Other features include a built-in clock,
    calculator, calendar, screen saver, over 450 (registered version)
    pre-drawn icons, 36 different wallpapers and a graphical editor for
    producing custom icons and wallpaper.  VGA graphics is required.  A
    mouse is required for menu setup and editing.  After setup, IconDOS
    operates equally well using either keyboard or mouse.

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